iWOOF.com™ actually developed into a business from our experience trying to find suitable collars for our dogs! We have always owned and occasionally bred English Bulldogs which are for people unfamiliar with the breed a medium sized but extremely strong breed of dog and tend to have different needs to most other breeds of dog.

Our dogs, as puppies out grew their collars and harnesses very quickly, it actually felt like they required another collar or lead weekly at times!! The best type of collar for our dogs had to be strong and ideally very wide to ensure it did not pinch their wind pipe, to find such a collar was difficult and ultimately were forced to look outside the UK, ultimately we ended up ordering collars and harnesses from America. The products received were of varying quality and it became both a costly and frustrating experience.

Our dogs despite the common misconception are very active, in fact more active than we ever imagined and have a similar exercise regime to our friends Labradors and Cocker Spaniels.

The idea to create high quality, long lasting products for dogs made by devoted dog owners, fit for purpose and different to the typical items on sale in shops and the web began to develop.

We hope You & Your friend will be happy for many years with our products.

/ Leigh-Anne Gamble